How Can Make-Up Make You Look Younger?

No woman ever wants to grow old. There is not much you can do about your age, though. But, you can definitely do something about your make up. You can use all the lotions and potions that you like, but they can completely change the way to appear. What can really impact your look is your makeup, right from your face to your toe nails. The best makeup for older women, which can put appearance a few years behind is the best way to look youthful. Given below are some makeup tips which can work wonders at making you look fresh and young:

Hair Care

  • While choosing your hair colour, choose shades which make you look younger. Darker shades of brown or black can do wonders for your look.
  • A messy ponytail connotes youth. Wearing it as often as you can will change your image in the mind of other people.
  • Keep your face framed with longer bangs. They make you look younger and also cover up the ageing features on the face.

The Hands and Feet

  • It is important that the cuticles are kept hydrated and the nails are covered in neutral shades to show subtly blend maturity and youth and give you classic look.

Face Makeup Basics

  • Do not use Matte foundations. Go for ones with a more dewy appearance.
  • Light blushes with a shimmer helps brighten your skin and makes it look healthy and glowing.
  • Before applying concealer, prep the under eyes.
  • Apply blush from the cheek bone and above
  • Use a stick highlighter and an illuminator together

The Mouth

  • A fuller mouth makes you look younger. Use a lip line matching your lip tone to give it a fuller look

The Eyes

  • Having thick eyebrows makes your face look younger
  • Using castor oil helps brows grow thicker and fuller giving you volume and a better overall look
  • Line the lower lash with a soft shadowed liner
  • Use a pencil liner for a smoky effect
  • Line the water line in white to brighten up the area near the eyes
  • Use mascara to create volume

Other than using these make up tips, special care needs to be given to the body and particularly the skin. Keep the following points in mind for healthy-looking skin:

  • Wear sunscreen, particularly on the face and neck
  • Apply Acid Peel once or twice a week
  • Use skin care products, such as Vitamin A
  • Get your body regular exercise to keep it supple and healthy
  • Eat healthy Drink Healthy

While all these will help you look younger, it may not make you feel younger. Being young at heart and maintaining childlike innocence and excitement in life ads to the overall youth of your body. If you think you are old, nothing will be able to fix that. A positive mind set will give you body and mind a glow like no other!


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